Sliding doors are known to bring beauty to every home. The sliding doors near the living room allow the sunlight to enter into the room and helps in adding brilliance to the room. Nowadays, a majority of the people are employing the sliding doors into their infrastructure. Most of the doors are used as a backdoor gate for the entry into the backyards or the patios.Sliding doors are known to provide better interiors than the conventional doors.They also add to an increase in the value of the property. The most important part is that it gives the people living in the house the entire view of outside while at the same time being indoors.

But, with the good comes the bad. The burglars find it easy to enter the homes when the sliding doors are the medium as they are less resistant and easy to break. this doesn’t mean that there is a sudden need to change all the doors and windows. To make your home more secure you do not have to throw a lot of money, just a little creativity can do the job for you. Here are two ways by which you can turn the sliding doors more secure.

2 Innovative Locking Ideas For The Sliding Doors

  • Block the trails: Sliding doors as the name says operate by sliding on a track made of metal, vinyl and wood. To provide the ease of movement, rollers are fit at the top, side and the bottom. If you block the track of the door, the movement will automatically be restricted. The blocking bar can either be made of wood, metal or any plastic that has a high tensile strength.
  • Add a good quality yet innovative locking system: Nowadays, there are different types of locking systems available on the market. One of them is a chain lock. These type of locks are best for sliding doors as they chain the handles of the door and stop them from opening until freed from the chains. If the door opens from the middle, the best way is to chain the handles from the middle area. This prevents the opening of the door if anyone tries to, and gives you an added level of security. If you have a door that opens on one side, it is better to drill an additional handle on the side walls and then chain the handles together.

With an increase in the theft cases these days, it is important to keep your home safe. Visit a good locksmith and ask for highly secure locking systems. This can help you in bringing life at ease.