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Construction project management involves all the steps of planning, coordinating and control of a project, using modern techniques, from the start to finish achieving set goals. Management is done to improve effectiveness and success of the project. Unlike other forms of management, it is more complex and requires an extensive understanding of construction and management. There are many construction project jobs in different areas for instance construction manager in Miami. Construction project management helps clarify objectives and performance requirement. It also helps maximize the resources at hand and develop successful means of resolving a conflict. Management is done by a construction manager, whose roles are; managing the project team, establishing communication channels, organizing and controlling the project implementation and overall leadership.

Construction Project Management Strategies To Estimate The Cost

Construction project management involves various processes and documentations hence; the construction manager needs to have the required skills and knowledge in the field. The manager is required to have knowledge of management, design and construction process. Priorities of the construction project are defined and set to help guide the project through its life. Construction management can be expensive. Hence, strategies are put in place to ensure the suppliers, architects, contractor and other workers follow the budget. Effective construction project management requires continuous planning and improvement of strategies.

Estimating the cost gives the specific amount expected to be spent and helps create a budget. The project can be divided into sequential stages with each stage bearing processes with similarities. When estimating cost, consultation with architects, contractor, and the project manager is essential. They are the people with an idea of how much money will be used. The construction costs are estimated at building, labor and overhead costs, job sites, equipment and unit prices. The most strategic way of cost estimation is through a three step process.

The first is the initial rough estimate which is done based on past financial experiences the project manager has dealt with in other projects and a rough knowledge of construction expenses. The second is the intermediate estimation which is done during the project planning process with more detailed information from an analyst. This step considers that as planning continuous, more expenses are likely to come up. The last step is the final detailed project estimation which is done when the formulation of the project is complete. Some tools or tasks which had not been considered like software and equipment tests are incorporated to provide an accurate estimate.

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