BPO stands for business process outsourcing. This term is often related to the manufacturing companies who involves a third party service provider for contracting different operations. BPO jobs are categorized into back offices and front offices. Back offices involve the dealing of internal affairs like human resources, finance, accounting Etc.The Front offices, on the other hand, are related to the customer services like contact center services.

How BPO Jobs Are Helping People Out In Kolkata?

BPO jobs in Kolkata are providing different types of services in the capital of West Bengal state of India. One of them includes call center jobs in Kolkata.These types of jobs involve direct public dealing through different medium. Some involve dealing only through calls, while others involve different media like email, fax, letter and other related resources. These types of jobs not only interests people, who are not interested in the fields of medicine and science, but it is also a way of promoting business/ related companies. With a little knowledge of computer and excellent spoken skills, one can easily handle this job. Although these types of jobs are not equivalent to medical or engineering, but still they are providing a source of livelihood for those who are capable.

Call center job in Kolkata is one of the easiest ways to earn money these days. Due to this reason, it is drawing youth towards itself. In these types of jobs,you are provided with a set of queries, a computer is connected tothe internet and headsets. You have to receive calls and answer their queries,smoothly, in a very professional manner. The BPO jobs are IT related jobs. It involves the work of IT technicians and engineers. Call center jobs get easier for those who already have some sort of experience in the field of public dealing and public relations. They may involve national or international dealing, depending upon the company. These kind of jobs not only involves your knowledge about a specific subject, but how you use this knowledge in order to communicate with people. How you are using language in order to convey your message. One should be aware of the norms and values of a specific culture as well.

BPO doesnot only offers call center jobs, they also hire people for non voice jobs. Non voice jobs in Kolkata also paved the way of progress for those who are not interested in direct public dealing. Yes, I am talking about those people who don’t have courage to speak in front of others and are only good behind the desk. This organization in Kolkata also supports these people. These qualified individuals sit behind desks, plan different strategies for different issues and try to deal matters behind their desks. The information related to such jobs is widely spread on the internet by the concerned companies. If anyone is interested to apply, guides are also available on the website. Different companies promote themselves and arrange publicity campaigns through internet, and through creative ads.