How To Keep Working Even When You Retire

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Just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you have to stop working. Okay, stop screaming, we don’t mean that you have to continue at that endless, soul-crushing 40-hour a week job of yours. But let’s face it, as great an idea that retirement is in principle, it’s easy to get bored (and underfoot). There are only so many trips you can take (or that your budget can handle!).

If only there were something you could do to occupy some of that time, like maybe some part-time work, for instance. You know, something to keep that brain engaged and those muscles working. After all, you know what they say: use it or lose it! Not to mention that whole “earning some spending cash” aspect. When you’re on a fixed income, a little extra money is always welcome, right?

How To Keep Working Even When You Retire

Here are some side gigs you should consider. They can keep you active, keep you social, and put a few more bucks in your pocket!

Start A Business From Home

If there’s something that you’re splendid at, something you’re passionate about, odds are there are people out there who’d love to give you money to do it for them. Consider the opportunities of taking a hobby and turning it into a money-maker.

The article “Retirement Jobs: 4 Great Opportunities to Work at Home” suggests things like being a tutor, event planner, dog walker, or caterer. Or maybe you’re good at interior design, or landscaping. The possibilities are endless.

Also remember, if you start a business at home and have a part of your house dedicated to running that business, you’re looking at a nice tax deduction!

Become A Blogger

There are websites out there that are ready to pay for good content. This is another example of taking something you’re good at or possess better than average knowledge in, and turning it into an income-producing venture. Look for websites that are specifically geared towards your interests, and see if any of them pay for articles. It could be the start of a whole new career.

Prepare Tax Returns

Granted, this is more of a seasonal gig, but many folks just plain don’t like doing their taxes, and would gladly pay someone else to take on the job. You can take a short tax preparation course and become equipped to handle other people’s taxes.

Become A Professional Researcher

If you know your way around a library or Internet search engine, you could conceivably get hired to do research for local academic institutions. Not only are you working and making some money, you’re also rather likely to learn a lot of new things. Current wisdom says that keeping your mind busy in your golden years helps stave off certain mental conditions associated with advanced age.

Customer Service

Finally, if you’re a people person, you may want to look into doing customer service/help desk duties for certain companies. The beauty of this particular gig is that you can do it from home, bringing with it an element of flexibility and convenience.

There are a lot more of these opportunities out there if you want to take a look. There’s no reason anyone who’s retired can’t enjoy the best of both worlds. Of course, it’s also a convenient option to consider if somehow your retirement savings won’t go as far as you want them to; check out “4 Ways To Save For Retirement” to help head off that particular hurdle!

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