John Lennon sure left a lot for us to ‘imagine’ in his song “Imagine”; things that sound beautiful and magical if they were true, making you wonder the power of music which lets you feel things which might hardly be plausible but yet somehow leave you with a feel-good experience. This is why it is almost impossible to imagine life without music. In fact, if you think about it music is not exclusive to humans, and nature itself falls in tune to various melodious sounds and rhythm. Music therefore is natural to our existence, and lack of it leaves an empty space which takes out a significant meaning from our lives.

Music Defining Passion and Life

We might all be listening to different tunes and music through our ears, but it is our heart and soul that responds to it. There can be no greater example that resonates of this point than Beethoven, whose one of the biggest accomplishments was the composition of the Ninth Symphony which he began working on after he had gone completely deaf. The reason music is felt so deeply by us is because it comes straight out from the composer’s heart, with his passion for music driving him to produce a soulful rendition of what moves him the most. This is the reason why music produced without passion seems flat and does not appeal to your inner being, even if the sound effects are great.

The city is full of talented musicians and passionate music buffs who value the art of music above all else. Fortunately for those who are driven by the same passion for music but does not have an outlet to practice it, LA offers many professionals who are willing to pass on the music baton to prospective apprentices. The one prerogative to learning music though is to have passion and love for music, something which unites people in the music industry across the globe and through various different languages.

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