What To Keep In Mind When Buying A Used Sports Car

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Buying a sports car can be an expensive pursuit but luckily there are plenty available at cheaper prices on the used car market. To get the best deal when purchasing a second hand sports car you should follow a lot of advice for buying any used car, although there are a few extra things to consider. Rather than jumping right in it’s a good idea to try one out first as many sports cars are rear-wheel drive compared to regular cars, requiring more skill, and you don’t want to end up with one but struggle to drive it.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Sports Car


As with any vehicle, certain manufacturers have better reputations for quality so it’s best to do some research beforehand. It may appear to be a steal but might end up costing a lot more in repairs and maintenance that could have been avoided with prior research. As often with lighter yet more powerful vehicles they do have a name for being more fragile, so if you live up a rocky dirt track it would be advisable not to tear up it in your new Lotus Elise.


Sports cars are rarer than common family vehicles, which is just one reason they sell for a higher price. They also come with different specifications which can really have an impact upon their value when buying and selling. It is important to look at everything you are getting with a new sports car, from the alloys and tyres to interior.

Some car owners will take out or adjust parts before selling which can leave you ripped off; an almost new Audi A5 without decent alloys loses a lot of value. Engine and gearbox combinations as well as colour can see a sports car lose a lot or little value.


If you intend to drive your new sports car to death then opting for a less popular specification and colour is better as you won’t worry about its dwindling value. However, sports cars are a lot like shoes in that they come in and out of fashion just as quickly. Picking an out of fashion vehicle will come with a lower price but prove difficult to sell again without waiting for it to become a classic. For those intending to sell on in the near future choose a model that has been released no more than three years prior for increased sell-on value.

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